• 我们对之前采购的产品非常满意bg大游视讯官网首页,所以我们的新项目想再次使用贵公司的产品bg大游视讯官网首页bg大游视讯官网首页bg大游视讯官网首页。With what very much we were being satisfied the ordered products we would like to use your firm's products for our new projects.
                    --------- Mr. Csongor Molnar /Hungary

    Let me say that I received all the products and that they are fine as far as I can see.
    --------- Mr. Ing.Carlos Menéndez / Argentina  

    我们已经把SPL-120LED灯挂在了离我们工厂房顶2米处的铁丝绳上-通过光度计的测量bg大游视讯官网首页bg大游视讯官网首页bg大游视讯官网首页,该灯照度是500勒克斯(而我们采购时的要求是300勒克斯)bg大游视讯官网首页。我们将在接下来的几天里 再次测试最后的照度结果bg大游视讯官网首页bg大游视讯官网首页。该灯安装方式的设计使我们很简单地上下移动灯具,我们也将测试一些其他位置和光强度bg大游视讯官网首页。灯的光色(暖白)对于用在像造纸厂这样的地方可谓是很完美- 它非常接近于白天bg大游视讯官网首页。
    We hanged SPL-120 on iron rope 2m bellow the roof factory - according to the photometric characteristic we are getting 500 lux now (demand is 300). We will measure actual results with lux meter in next few days.This way of installation allows us very simple moving the light up or down, so wewill also test few other positions and intensity of light.The light color (warm white) is perfectly chosen for this purpose (paper/graphic industry) - very close to daylight.
    --------    Mr. Hrvoje Plukavec /Croatia